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Nancy Carr


A little about me. My life has led me to many experiences, from painting political art murals in Los Angeles, assistant set decorating for commercials and music videos, to ten years as VP of Sales for a national natural foods supplement brand. I am currently a member of Pattern Observer’s Textile Design Lab and have created original surface pattern designs for the apparel market based on provided trends and client briefs. I had some of my designs represented by Pattern Observer Studio at Blueprint Surface Design and Print Show, September 2020.


At a young age I was drawn to designs from all over the world. I loved looking at books that contained ancient motifs of many cultures through the ages.

Inspired, I started to create my own motifs in watercolor paintings. After many years of doing this just for the pleasure of it, I had an epiphany that washed over me -- I wanted to be a surface designer! The idea of seeing my designs on pillows, curtains, bedspreads and clothes thrilled me with the satisfaction of my passion put to daily use.

The beadwork came to me in a similar fashion. One day the idea popped into my head, the next I was making designs and hand beading them. What I didn't expect, was that the act of hand beading evoked a deep meditative state in me.

I continue to find great pleasure in the work that I do. I hope you will enjoy!

Nancy lives in Northern California with her son, Sage, daughter, Senna, and their two cats, Ziggy and Shumai.

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